I recently had the opportunity to deliver supplies to Mexico Beach as well as volunteer with a local non-profit organization based in Thomasville, Georgia. Their name is Kingdom Builders Community Impact(KBCI) and they are an amazing group of people who are helping others get back to normal after several recent hurricanes and other disasters. On the news you see the photos of the devastation that hurricane Michael wrought upon the coast of Florida and inland even to Georgia. You hear people talking about how bad it really was on the coast.

You don’t really know until you see the devastation first hand. It was an eye opening experience. We drove through Panama City down into Mexico beach in total shock. Boats were tossed ashore, roofs blown off of homes and businesses leaving structures totally compromised. These people are doing their best to get back to normal after the hurricane but they still need so much help. The news media has all but forgotten the coast of Florida that is still dealing with mass devastation. Due to election coverage the coast has been put on the backburner of media. This is why I’m writing this post. I’m hoping that somehow it will help people to see that so many are still dealing with so much post hurricane Michael.

As we drove into Mexico beach many homes were total losses. Beach front homes that once represented summer vacations and family memories are now nowhere to be found. On many occasions all you could see were the supporting beams and poles that held the house up above sea level. Peoples homes destroyed in a few hours. Many residents still live in and around the city and are doing their best to clean up and attempt to gain their lives back. We stopped at a large white tent in Mexico Beach where we planned to take all of the donated goods that KBCI had received. This tent is run and organized by locals and volunteers. They had a Christmas tree up and everyone was busy organizing canned goods and other products. As we arrived there was a family with small children who were picking out new toys because theirs were lost to the hurricane.

My heart broke for these people. I do not share the following photos lightly. These are peoples homes and businesses. Places where they lived their lives and dreamed their dreams.

If you’d like to donate to Kingdom Builders Community Impact as they continue to help communities in the wake of disaster please visit their website at https://www.kbcommunityimpact.com/

You can also visit the Facebook Page of the white tent in Mexico Beach by clicking the image below.

If you can’t give physically, please commit to pray for the city and people of Mexico Beach, Panama City and Port Saint Joe.

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